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What if you could help someone in your life:

  • Feel more relaxed

  • Calm their breathing

  • Improve their mood

  • Help reduce their stress/anxiety

  • Fall asleep with ease

Rainbow Relaxation Workshop


This workshop will provide you with the tools to provide a relaxing 15-20 minute routine that involves positive touch, based on the principles of reflexology.  You will be equipped to offer this routine in your home and will be amazed at how this will provide much needed rest and relaxation to someone you love.  You will be able to work on a person’s hands or feet, depending upon their comfort level and/or health limitations.


Our world has been in a sense of heightened stress since March 2020.  The general population is experiencing a greater sense of anxiety, fear, and depression.  Our opportunities to hug and touch our loved ones has been drastically reduced and these changes affect our wellbeing.  The Rainbow Relaxation Workshop offers you the opportunity to alleviate some of the stress from recent months and provide an opportunity for some positive touch. 


The Rainbow Relaxation Routine is shared through fun, informative, practical workshops led by a qualified FRT Reflexologist in your local area.  

If you have an interest to learn this lovely positive touch routine and you are looking to incorporate relaxation into your lifestyle at home this workshop is for you!

Self Help Rainbow Relaxation Workshop – Coming soon!

Lorraine Senior has recently developed a new version of the Rainbow Relaxation Workshop that is designed for you to provide a relaxation routine on yourself.  This tool is being used in the UK currently, through online training to help reduce stress during the Covid19 outbreak.  Tracey will be taking the training in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for your opportunity to sign up for this new workshop.

Group training (following local Covid19 guidelines and social distancing) and one to one training offered for caregivers and parents.  Please contact Tracey directly to register.  

Relaxation at home that is at a time that is convenient for you.

Tiny Feet
Contact Tracey for more information or to schedule your training.
Holding Hands
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