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What is Functional Reflex Therapy?

The Functional Reflex Therapy Framework for Reflexology is designed for children and adults of all ages with high levels of anxiety, intellectual difficulties, autism, special educational needs and disabilities and is an enjoyable beneficial experience for more vulnerable adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. 

The holistic package of Functional Reflex Therapy offers a unique framework accessible to all.  It uses a combination of relaxation techniques drawn from original theories and practices of the complementary therapy of reflexology, supported where appropriate with the easily recognizable logo and the FRT tool kit to help with communication, preparation and involvement with the session.

FRT may reduce stress, anxiety, relieve tension, help improve mood, encourage engagement, social interaction and increase receptiveness.  

Tracey has received training from the founder of Functional Reflex Therapy, Lorraine Senior, to offer FRT sessions to individuals as well as share the basic techniques with parents and caregivers in a nurturing, positive touch activity workshop as a qualified FRT Reflexologist.  

Group training and one to one training offered for caregivers and parents.  Please contact Tracey directly to register.  



Workshops for Caregivers and Parents


Are you a parent, grandparent, spouse,sibling or primary caregiver looking to learn relaxation skills to assist your loved one?  The Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Relaxation Routine is shared through fun, informative, practical workshops led by a qualified FRT Reflexologist in your local area.  

If you have an interest to learn this lovely positive touch routine and you are looking to incorporate relaxation into your lifestyle at home and/or with your family member, the FRT workshop is for you!

Relaxation at home that is at a time that is convenient for you.

What will I learn?

  • A brief explanation about Reflexology and Functional Reflex Therapy

  • The many benefits of using the positive touch relaxation routine

  • Practical skills to deliver the hand routine and the routine for the foot

  • How to develop a useful tool kit to support your relaxation time and help with communication for the receiver where appropriate

How do I learn?

  • Workshops for hands and feet are usually held over consecutive days or over consecutive weeks with two 2 ½ hour sessions.  Timing may vary depending on the numbers attending the workshop.

  • If you prefer the hand only, or the foot only routine, Tracey can tailor the workshop to meet your needs.

  • Workshops may be offered at a local venue, in the comfort of your home or in the Wellness from the Ground Up studio.

Please note that by attending the FRT workshop you will learn how to apply the relaxation routine demonstrated and guided by a qualified FRT Reflexologist for the benefit of you and your family.


Attending the training does not give you permission to use this routine in the workplace. This is to be used in the comfort of your own home. Further training is required to deliver this in a professional environment. Chat with your local FRT Reflexologist or contact FRT for more details.


Functional Reflex Therapy Sessions and Workshops

Tracey would be happy to schedule a FRT Session or organize a workshop with your group.

Individual Functional Reflex Therapy Treatment - Treatments provided in Studio 

Workplace Health and Wellness Sessions - FRT sessions in the workplace 

Retirement Home or Long Term Care Wellness - FRT sessions offered on site

FRT Rainbow Relaxation workshops - location, date and time coordinated with Tracey. Upcoming workshops will be posted on social media as well.


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